2017 Tournament Rules Summary

I have (finally) updated my “Tournament Rules Summary” sheets (baseball and softball) for 2017.

See here for the appropriate links.

Apologies for being later than usual – there was a bit more editing this year than in previous years. As I’m sure you know, the Big League divisions have been eliminated, plus there are a few new rules. These were covered in my post on 2017 Rule Changes, but include:

  • The youngest three divisions have been expanded to three years each (8/9/10, 9/10/11 and 10/11/12)
  • Tournament Rule 3a requires batters to keep a foot in the box except under specified conditions.
  • The Special Pinch Runner rule has been modified to limit its use to twice per game.
  • “Stealing signs” is now explicitly considered unsportsmanlike conduct, and calls for the ejection of the player and the manager.

Good luck to everybody with their tournament play!

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