Tournament Rules Summary

Little League uses slightly different rules during its annual All-Star Tournament (the tournament that starts at the District level and winds up with the Little League World Series).  The tournament-specific rules are found in the back of each year’s rulebook. Keeping track of these differences is sometimes a nuisance.  As a service, here are two Tournament Rule Summary “cheat sheets” that contain a set of reminders as to the rules used during the Tournament.  Note that not all of these are different from regular season rules, but many are rules that are not well-enforced during the regular season, or that leagues change with “local rules.”

Please remember that the information on this chart is intended as a reference summary of the various tournament rules.  It does not cover every possible circumstance, and is not a substitute for reading and fully understanding the tournament rules section of the Official Playing Rules.

As with the Rules Index, please feel free to link to this page, however I would prefer that you not copy these documents onto your own web site. You’re also completely free to print them for your own use, for the use of managers, coaches and umpires in your league or district, etc. “I make them to be used.”