Kevin Hunter’s Rules Index – Abbreviations

To simplify things a little, the rules index uses a variety of abbreviations.

Certain rules are specific to either baseball or softball. In addition, in some situations, the same rule is numbered slightly differently in the baseball rulebook versus the softball rulebook. Finally, there are rules that are specific to the All Star Tournament, as well as relevant comments in Make The Right Call, The Casebook of Little League.

To help sort through all of this, the following prefixes are used in the Rules Index where appropriate:

Prefix Meaning
BB Baseball
SB Softball
BL Big League
MTRC Make The Right Call
AST All Star Tournament


In addition, the following abbreviations are used:

Abbrev   Meaning
AR Approved Ruling
EX Exception
M/M Majors and Minors
J/S Junior, Senior
I/J/S Intermediate, Junior, Senior